Eddy Salomon 1 Million Affiliate Success

Wish You Could Have A 1 Million Year With Affiliate Marketing? As Impossible As It May Sound It Can Happen. Eddy Salomon Shares How He Did It. Follow His Testimony Below. What He Uses Works! Access It Free!

It’s not impossible to earn 1 million affiliate dollars. But the caveat is: it takes a lot of work. No prior experience is necessary: just the desire to learn and stick with it. With these factors in mind, we share the following information.

One of our affiliate marketing experts just announced he made over 1 Million with Affiliate Marketing.

Who is Eddy Salomon

Eddy Salomon WA Premium Member from USA -
Eddy had a corporate job, but those days are long gone. He works from home now earning more than he did in his corporate job. In fact his wife was also able to quit her job. Surprisingly he did not have experience when he started, but knew that learning how to work online would take time and effort. So he committed himself to do just that. In 2018 he hit a 5 figure month. To do that he just diversified his use of affiliate programs, digital media, and niche focus. He says he really doesn’t have any big secrets to his success, just a lot of hard work and learning. In January 2020 he made over $1 million with Affiliate Marketing.

Secrets To Make 1 Million in Affiliate Marketing

How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Here’s what Eddy says.

  • 1) Decide the business goal. The natural tendency is to think only about the earnings; however, the focus should really be about helping people. People want information to help them solve problems. If your information solves a problem by reviewing related products and recommending the best, they will take action. They need someone to give them confirmation.
  • 2) Carefully choose a niche. Make it something that provides opportunity to write about for years. Select a niche that needs solutions to problems and has products people are willing to buy.
  • 3) Select a domain name that tells visitors what your niche is about.
  • 4) Create a good website. Keep it clean and simple with easy navigation.
  • 5) Write content that speaks. No flowery words are needed. Think of writing content like you are trying to help a friend. When selecting a keyword for the content don’t over think it, but use SEO rich keywords with low competition. This is where a good keyword research tool like Jaaxy helps so much. Think of your goal first when you write the content Help people that are actively searching for solutions and information.
  • 6) Build traffic to your website. This happens naturally if your content meets needs. Niches that are actively being searched on Google with various topics automatically result in high traffic. Don’t be afraid to use a keyword research tool to get ideas of search topics in your niche.
  • 7) Watch the earnings come in. Visitors will buy your marketed products if the products meet needs. It is the content with a call of action that brings the reader to the point of a purchase decision.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Initially Eddy searched the web like most of us looking for a way to start Affiliate Marketing. He found expensive places to start and then a free place. For obvious reasons it was hard to pass up the free training. Even though the training is free this is what Eddy thinks about it.

WA is the best internet marketing community because of the tools, support and the vast amount of training. The training is well written, easy to understand and learn because it has multiple ways of presenting the content: written text, videos, examples and illustrations. It is the interactive community that is really a plus. The learning community helps one another. I have never seen anything like it. –Eddy

We Agree With Eddy’s Affiliate Marketing Approach

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Owners JGHWEBBRANDWe started our Affiliate Marketing online business, learning how to do it from Wealthy Affiliate. The training is superb. Free does not mean poor quality training. The co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate started as broke college students trying to pay their bills. They started with what they believed they could do and make work. Initially they were Affiliate Marketers themselves; they found it a great way to pay the bills and more. In fact they were doing so well they decided to document what they were doing and convert it into training.

The training they created was widely accepted because it was the proven process they used. A good reputation and desire to help people became their business goal; thus the training has always been Free.

Free Affiliate Marketing Basic Training

This means that beginners and experienced alike can try the program before making a financial commitment. Everyone starts as a Free member and remains a Free Member unless deciding to become a Paid Premium Member.

Initially the Free Starter Members have access to the Paid Premium Program as well which adds live webinar training, additional tutorials and other benefits. This exposure gives everyone an opportunity to know what the Paid Member platform contains if they choose to become Premium Members. This is certainly a fair business practice.

What really makes the training so fantastic is that all of the tools needed to make Affiliate Marketing work effectively are found on the same platform. There is no need to go searching other websites hoping to find tools that are effective and integrated.

The Tools

The tools include Jaaxy, a keyword research tool, SiteRubix, a website builder, manager and host, a Content Writer and publisher, an Affiliate Program Research selection tool and other less significant tools.

The program support is very robust. It includes 24 x 7 live chat, website support with the best industry double hosting servers, protection against spam and image crunching.

The Community

The community is comprised of 1.4 million members from over 193 countries worldwide. The question and answer forum and well as the blogging platform make it possible for the community to communicate and support one another. The comradery is very robust. Because of this beginners are able to ask questions when they get stuck.

The program keeps current with the latest media technologies which gives members the freedom to choose how they want to build their business marketing strategy. The same training is made available to all Free Members.

All of the above mentioned features are why Eddy and thousands of others speak so highly of Wealthy Affiliate.

We would like to give you a chance to see what this highly recommended program is all about. The Free look and try will help you to make a wise decision regarding the future of your online business.

Remember, once you sign up as a Free Member, you will always be a Free Member unless you choose the Premium Membership.

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