Information Technology History

A February 8th Information Technology History Happening

The following happening is crucial for the financial world, but not so much for content marketers.

Why Do I Say The Financial World?

This is the day, February 8, 1945 that a Patent is Filed for the Harvard Mark I. by C.D Lake, H.H. Aiken, F.E. Hamilton, and B.M. Durfee.

The Mark I was a large automatic digital computer that could perform the four basic arithmetic functions and handle 23 decimal places. Doing multiplication took about five seconds.

I remember working with Mark4 and it was filling in columns with codes and indicating the mathematical functions. Until today I never realized that Mark4 had its beginnings in 1945 with Mark1.

How Does This Apply To Us?

As Affiliate marketers we don’t even think about the coding that happens behind the scenes to compute our commission fees.

What an interesting era in which we live!