One Step Up

Bored And Need a Change Ready to Step Up And Take Action. We have An Idea For You.

Are you tired of your same old job and going nowhere? Do you wish you could go at least one step up and make more money, enjoy life more and have more freedom to do what you want to do?

Are you spending your days wondering and trying and working but getting nowhere? Do you wonder why your boss gets the one step up to a better salary and you don’t?

Discover How I Went From Wishing I Could Get A Better Job To Losing My Job And Then Becoming A Thriving Online Business Owner Without Prior Experience … And How You Can Too (Before You Lose Your Job!)

JGH Webbrand here from Learn Wealthy Affiliate.Believe me I was not expecting to lose my job, but I had no control over the company’s downsizing decision. So my wife, though she still had her job, and I took swift action. I decided it was time to find something I had more control over and earn what I wanted too and enjoy life more and experience more freedom.

So my wife and I, in 2009, decided to see if the internet had an online ‘job’ opportunity.

We had no idea what we would find. Oh yes, we were skeptical and knew the dangers of the internet. We had a strong aversion to opportunities that charged us to ‘learn’ and offered quick riches. We did not want to fall prey to get rich quick scams.

Fortunately for us…

We found free training with a ‘try and see what you think’ approach. That was perfect for us since we knew nothing about how to make money online.

We discovered a well-organized way to learn with a Four Step Process. It makes sense to us because it perfectly describes online shopping and shows us how we could become part of the process and earn income from it.

One Step Up How I could Fit Into The Online Shopping Process.

We know that online shopping is here to stay. And even during pandemics like Covid, life goes on and people still need products and services.

In fact shopping online has become ‘the popular, most time efficient and cost savings way’ to go shopping these days and all reports indicate online shopping will continue to grow for years to come.

This is income security for an online business owner for sure. The Digital Commerce 360 graph shows tremendous growth from 2019 to 2020.

Digital Commerce 360 Estimates From Online Shopping Published April 2021

The beauty of our becoming part of the online shopping cycle is we do not have an investment in or handling of product or dealing with the customer. We don’t buy or inventory product, watch inventory levels, pack, ship, issue invoices or handle customer service.

What we do is ‘market’ products (could be services too) we like. To make our role in the online shopping cycle ‘exciting and focused’ we choose something we are passionate about, know something about and can help people with.

For example

Our Pet Dog Tippy Became part of our online business

We are passionate that our dog has a comfortable bed to sleep on. We used the internet to find the best comfortable dog bed for Tippy. During our research we found that imported beds use filler material that gives off toxic fumes. We also found many bed shapes and sizes so had to observe the sleeping style of our pet. Since we know our dog is fussy about a new bed, we researched warranties as well. After all we learned, we became very passionate about helping other dog owners find comfortable, health safe, durable beds for their pet.

We turned our passion, research and experience into a money making opportunity. We took More Than One Step Up

Our favorite dog beds were made by a company that has an ‘affiliate program’. We joined their affiliate program for free and they give us unique product links so when someone clicks on them and buys a bed we make a commission.

So what we do is tell others what we know about our passionate topic in a website we own, learn more by doing online research and reading reviews, include product links in our website content and when people buy from our links we make money.

We started with free training to learn how to ‘market’ and ‘earn’.

After 7 days we knew we wanted more training and a website so we could build our online business around our passion and knowledge as well as learn how to expand our marketing outreach using social media and YouTube.

We think of our websites as our ‘home’ where we write content about our niche. Actually we write our content as though we are talking with our friends so there is no complicated professional writing skills needed. Then we use social media to get people excited about our niche and direct them to our website for more help. The usage of social media is optional.

This continues to be an exciting, earning online website business.

We are just an ordinary couple.

JGH Webbrand here from Learn Wealthy Affiliate.

We found the right, honest, legitimate way of learning how to make money online with ‘affiliate marketing’ in our time of need. Our investment started small: less than $50 a month and we are earning income consistently every single month. In fact we do this full time now.

We simply ‘love’ what we do. It takes time to write helpful content and add affiliate links to our sites, but once they are set up, they run on autopilot.

We choose how many hours we work and when and where. We set our own goals and we get to keep what we earn. There is no up line member we share our earnings with.

Affiliate marketing has been around over 25 years so is well established and very reputable. Affiliate programs have terms and agreements which are presented at the time of sign up so a marketer can decide which affiliate program to join. There are thousands of affiliate programs so marketers can choose those which best meet their interests and goals.

There is no charge to sign up for an affiliate program because in reality an affiliate marketer is acting as a ‘marketer’ for the owner of the product (also known as the affiliate program or affiliate network) and this is a win for the product owner.

So what seemed like a “bad event” when I lost my job ended up being a Good Thing!

I look back now and am grateful because I found something I really enjoy. Both my wife and I have freedom, no boss, and can follow our passion, help others, and earn a nice income.

This is not a get rich quick opportunity. Earnings start small, but they grow quickly once they get started.

We remember our first earnings ($45 the first month). But that was okay because we knew if we could make $45 we could make $4,500. For us it was just a matter of time.

We discovered that growth in earnings was directly related to how much traffic came to our website. So we learned to write more informational content such as ‘how to, what is, why does, can I’. That quadrupled our traffic and our earnings keep growing and coming consistently like clockwork every month.

Bored And Need a Change Ready to Step Up And Take Action. We have An Idea For You.One Step Up Website Traffic Analytics

Are you looking for something like that?

Something where you can choose your favorite interest, help others through content and recommending the best products on your website? Are you willing to learn something new and work hard to see results?

We would recommend you start out like we did. Begin as a Free Member. Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free training course with a free website plus support. This will give you an opportunity to experience it for yourself and decide your next steps.

We are grateful to Wealthy Affiliate for giving us an opportunity to learn how to start our own online business and succeed.

WA Wealthy Affiliate logo

Kyle and Carson WA Wealthy Affiliate Co OwnersThe owners, Kyle and Carson, are ordinary down to earth people. They are very involved daily helping the WA community on the WA platform. They are honest family men and want to help others learn a new skill so they too can experience freedom in life. Kyle and Carson started doing their personal online affiliate marketing business in 2002 and Wealthy Affiliate became a reality for them in 2005.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed to teach beginners and provide support for those who have experience but are looking to hone their skills and want website hosting and support.

Since Wealthy Affiliate is a Platform, it has everything one needs to start and sustain an online business. It has training, tools and support.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform Provides Training Tools And Support For Online Business Owners.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Free Training For Starter Members

Training starts with simple instructions so someone without any experience can understand and get started. There are several levels of training. Each builds on its prior level. Training is both written and video. Live webinars are conducted weekly. There is more than enough to learn how to start and succeed.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Fastest Way ro Learn is to have 24 X 7 Support

Support comes in many forms 24x 7. WA supports a global community. Technical support for website hosting is provided by the Site Support technical team. Member Questions and Answers are answered by the community through Live Chat, the Q&A Forum, and Individual Lesson Comments Section. In addition each member has a personal affiliate marketing liaison, helper, and point of contact. The community is very active and helpful 24 x 7.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Tools To Make The Job Easeir and Faster More Automated.

Tools generate ideas for titles that will rank well for content, give info regarding the health of a website, statistics on to update existing content to outrank competitors, and capture visitor traffic statistics.

As a beginner we had many questions. Sometimes we didn’t even know how to ask them, but community support helped us progress along the way. Support is key to success because there is freedom to ask questions and get tips to stay on track and get encouragement when needed.

Initially we were overwhelmed, but we wanted to make money online so badly we determined not to give up. And we are so glad we stuck with it.

Now, we know how to do this. Now when we create a new interest website we just repeat and apply what we already know to our new website topic of interest.

It feels so good to do something like this. We get to express ourselves, help people and make money while doing so. And of course the money reward is also great!

February 2021 One Account Monthly Report.

Let’s face it!

We were skeptical at first wondering how we could get visitors to our website and then see them buy products we recommend. We kept at it, followed the training and then it happened to us too.

Today we work from home!

We are boss free with the opportunity to establish our own goals and experience the reward of pursuing our dreams.

We know the training works!

Therefore, we are passionate about helping others find it, learn it and succeed with it.

Are you ready to turn your boredom into excitement? Are you ready to Step Up and make things happen for you too?

If you are really committed to do this, we will be delighted to be your personal affiliate marketing liaison, helper, and point of contact. BUT you must be serious!

Ordinary People Like You Are Becoming Successful Every Day…

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Following and Implementing the Training brings Results 3 successful members.
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Learning How this Works And implementing brings success for these 3 members
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate provided coaching for these people and they are now earning. The training works.

Exactly How Do We Make Money Online?

What we do is called Affiliate Marketing and it’s by far the best way to earn money online.

The Oxford dictionary

Defines affiliate marketing as a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Defines it as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer buys product or service by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing is very straightforward.

We make money online by creating websites and connecting people with products they want to buy. Sellers like Amazon, EBay, Etsy, ClickBank, Nike, Home Depot, Timberland and so many more have Affiliate Programs to sign up for free.

Do you know what the best thing is about Affiliate Marketing?

It is a multi-billion dollar industry active around the globe. Sales keep rising yearly and there is no sign of it slowing down. World Wide eCommerce 10 year Spending Statistics Published 2022 & yrs actual and 3 years estimated ecommerce spending

Do you see the potential here?

Increasingly more people are starting their own online business and are very successfully promoting other’s products and getting paid a commission for doing so.

So why is being an affiliate marketer so attractive?

You DON’T Need…

✅ A product of your own or make.
✅ Any special skills. Anyone can learn to do it
✅ Capital for buying and storing inventory.

AND You DON’T Need…

✅ To buy pay for click ads not even for Google or Facebook.
✅ To do door-to-door or cold sales calling.
✅ To quit your job until you consistently make enough monthly income online.

All you need is access to the internet, a laptop (PC), and a determination to learn how to do it.

You will hear it said over and over. Affiliate marketing generates ‘passive income’. That is because once you have your website setup, you can earn when you sleep, go on vacation, or decide to start a new website. You do the upfront work and let what is built earn income without your involvement.

Does this sound good to you?

The No New Secret Formula

You may see those online who say they have a ‘New Secret Formula’ but it’s not so new and not so secret. The four-step formula we show you below has been around many years and it is proven to work.

The Secret Formula Tactic is used for marketing purposes because those with clever sales tactics always get those who respond and pay dearly for something that is not secret and not new at all.

That’s how many who are interested in making money online get scammed. They believe what they read and discover they paid some hard earned money for learning and earning nothing.

That’s why we tell you to keep your money and start free so you can see and experience it for yourself first.

The Four Step Formula for Making Money Online

The Four Step Affiliate Marketing Process To Learn For Affiliate Marketers

We have been using this four step formula for over 12 years and know it works. Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching it for over 15 years so it is proven to work and will work for years to come. So you are not being taught something that will change. Trust it.

✅ Step 1 – Choose An Interest

This is what makes affiliate marketing so attractive and doable for everyone. You can choose something of interest, something you are passionate about, something you know about, something you have experience with, or something you have always wanted to learn or do and help people with.

Make sure you have passion for the interest you choose. Lack of passion can lead to the feeling of drudgery or boredom. You will want this to be something you work on for years to come.

It is possible to earn a full time income from just one site.

So your goal will be to address your interest by starting with general non-product information. That could be how to guides, instructions, history, and definitions to name a few.

Here’s our interest example.

We love dogs. We want to give our Tippy, a large breed dog, the best sleeping experience possible. So our website is about dog beds for large dogs.

One Step Up Choose an Interest Here's a search in Amazon for dog bed interest idea

✅ Step 2 – Build A Website

Before watching the software build a website, a domain name must be chosen. We will choose ‘Largedogbeds’ as our domain name because it is easy to remember with no difficult spelling. Initially when choosing a domain name we thought that dashes had to be used to separate multiple words. But search engines know how to read a domain name by word; thus dashes are not recommended.

A website sounds scary and technical, but building a website is easy! There is no need to do anything technical. The SiteRubix site builder eliminates all need for coding and data base building. All you need to do is select one of the themes offered for website layout and initial design. The site builder does the rest in less than one minute. When this activity is complete you will have a fully functional WordPress powered website ready for content to get some traffic.

Watch Your Traffic Grow Steadily with Search Analysis Tools. Results may look like this

✅ Step 3 – Attract Visitors

The next step is to get traffic to your website. That’s the purpose of creating a website: to help people and then make money. Initially the training teaches how to get free traffic to a website. This happens as search engines crawl your website content, index it and rank it for retrieval when visitors search the internet for specific information.

Bored And Need a Change Ready to Step Up And Take Action. We have An Idea For You.One Step Up Website Traffic Analytics

The training teaches the activities that help increase traffic volume. A tool is provided to get the necessary information to choose post content titles that have high search volume and low competition so it is not as complicated as it may sound right now.

One Step Up Get Traffic To Your Site By Using a Keyword Research Tool To Choose Good Post Title

✅ Step 4 – Earn Revenue

Getting to this step is exciting. So focus first on helping then think about monetizing.

Monetizing is easy with Affiliate Marketing. There is no need to own, handle or bill for a product. The affiliate program you sign up with will handle all of that while you ‘passively’ receive a commission. The only thing you need to do is add links received from the affiliate program into your content blogs where they are appropriate. The training walks you through this step by step. After doing it a few times it becomes quick and easy.

Too many beginners focus on making money first but this results in lower traffic volume and consequently lower sales. Start with information type content. When you have at least 15 to 20 such content blogs on your website, then you can apply to an affiliate program. Though sign up is free, having traffic and posts helps getting approval.

It may seem strange that companies are willing to pay affiliate marketers, but this is such an effective way for them to get the word out about their products. Paying affiliate marketers is so much more cost effective than hiring sales people.

Are you afraid there will not be products for you to sell for your area of interest? Right now there are well over 500 MILLION products and services waiting for affiliate marketers to promote. In fact it is very easy to find affiliate programs. Just do a Google search.

Google Search For Affiliate Programs for Large Dog Beds

Once affiliate links are added to your posts and site visitors click on them and buy a product, you receive a commission. This is where you are rewarded for your helpful content and desire to help others. Site visitors who are helped and find your content to be accurate and trustworthy will most likely want to buy your recommended products.

Earnings usually start slow, but once your site grows in traffic and takes off, there is no limit to the amount of income you can earn.

One Step Up Do Affiliate Marketing Right and Earn some Income

There are many ways to monetize a website and the above income is only from one source. The training will teach you how this works and how to get income from multiple sources.

Wealthy Affiliate is The One Stop Shop For Building A Successful Business Online

Rather than search around the internet looking for training, tools and support needed for success, and hope that the piece you find work together, using one platform guarantees all elements are optimized to work together for success.

So we recommend you try the Wealthy Affiliate program as a Free starter member. See what you think. Get 10 free training text/video lessons, a free website plus hosting, and 30 free keyword tool searches. Experience for yourself the helpfulness of the community and end up with a website all ready for you to grow.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform Free Training Is Ready For You to Get Started

Wealthy Affiliate has three membership types, but we want you to start with the Free starter membership so you can see what this is and then when you are ready, the Paid Premium membership is available. During the Free training you will see a button to become a Paid Premium member, but you will not be required to click it. Put your credit card in a safe place and keep it there.

This is a platform where you are in control of your financial decisions. No one knows your financial situation like you do, so make decisions based on your goals and situation.

Since we became members of WA over 12 years ago we have seen several other programs out there but none are so easy to follow and have everything needed in one place like WA.

WA is where we started and what we still rely on for website hosting, special training, keyword research and support for our websites and involvement in the community helping new comers.

We could talk all day about it, but it is something that must be experienced to understand.

Give the training platform a test drive today.

What Others Have Achieved With WA…

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate I Made 3700 dollars in one day
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate I Made 3400 dollars in August Time For New Goals
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate I Had My First 30,000 dollar month
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate My Website sold for 30,000 dollars
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate I Made 1170 dollars in one sale
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate In 1 Year I am Earning 2233 Dollars A month

What You Get With Wealthy Affiliate Today

Like we say, Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop shop for building a success online business. EVERYTHING you need to start making money online is included in your membership.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate View When Logged into WA Platform Dashboard

Starter Membership

Here are the awesome features included in the Free Starter Membership

10 Step-by-Step Lessons Core Training Level 1
10 Step-by-Step Lessons BootCamp Core Training Level 1

Website & Hosting
SiteRubix Website Builder
Free subdomain Website With WordPress
Website Hosting For subdomain Website
Hosting Security Suite
Free SSL

Research Tools
30 Searches Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Affiliate Program Search

7-Day FREE access to Premium Support
Personal Blog & Profile

Total Value: $1,092.00

The best thing about this is you can test drive the one-stop shop platform without risk. You do not need a credit card.

This is the number one reason Wealthy Affiliate is the most trusted Online Business Platform.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform is rated A+ With Better Business Bureau and 4.9 with Trust Pilot

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Logo Premium Membership

Here is what you get with the Premium Membership if you decide to become a Paid Premium Member.

50 Step-by-Step Lessons Core Training Level 1 – 5
70 Step-by-Step Lessons BootCamp Core Training Level 1 – 7
1000+ Training Modules
52+ Expert Classes Per Year

Website & Hosting
SiteRubix Website Builder
Dual Server Website Hosting For 10 Premium WordPress Websites
Enhanced Hosting Security Suite
Free SSL
250,000 Monthly Visits
Site Speed Extreme
Daily Backup

Research Tools
Unlimited Searches Jaaxy Keyword Research
Enhanced Affiliate Program Search and Merchant Communication

Unlimited 24×7 Site and Community Support
Personal Blog & Profile
Private Messaging and Live Chat

Total Value: $4,840.00

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is for those who are committed to owning and growing an online business long term.

The training, tools and support give this membership a value over $4K, but that is not what WA charges.

If you decide to pursue a long term online business, this will cost you $49 per month or $499 for a year.

If your circumstances change at any time you can cancel your membership with no questions asked. If the annual fee was paid, you can reach out to the owners for a refund of unused time.

Premium Plus Membership Crown Logo Premium Plus Membership

Here is what you get with the Premium Plus Membership if you decide to become a Paid Premium Plus Member.

50 Step-by-Step Lessons Core Training Level 1 – 5
70 Step-by-Step Lessons BootCamp Core Training Level 1 – 7
1000+ Training Modules
200+ Expert Classes Per Year

Website & Hosting
SiteRubix Website Builder
Dual Server Website Hosting For 50 Premium WordPress Websites
Enhanced Hosting Security Suite
Free SSL
1,000,000 Monthly Visits
Site Speed Extreme
Daily Backup

Research Tools
Unlimited Searches With Automated Action Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Enhanced Affiliate Program Search and Merchant Communication

Unlimited 24×7 Site and Community Support
Priority Expert Help
Personal Blog & Profile
Private Messaging and Live Chat

Total Value: $8,840.00

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership is for those who have prior experience and wish to take their online business to another level with the help of expert personal advice.

The training, tools and support give this membership a value over $8K, but that is not what WA charges.

If you decide to pursue a long term online business, Premium Plus will help and it costs $99 per month or $999 for a year.

If your circumstances change at any time you can down grade to the Premium membership or cancel your membership with no questions asked. If annual fee was paid, you can reach out to the owners for a refund of unused time.

These Members Express What Thousands Of Other Members Feel

Wealthy Affiliate member Marcus gives testimony that WA training, tools, and support Give Absolute Clarity To Success
Wealthy Affiliate member Lynne Huy gives testimony that it takes effort but WA training, tools, and support Give Success
Wealthy Affiliate member Eric Cantu gives testimony to the value of the WA Platform

Special Bonuses

During your first seven days when you have access to the Paid Premium membership features, if you sign up for the Paid Premium membership during that period, we will give you the following bonuses as a Premium membership welcome.

✓ Personal Coaching – We Will Be Your Affiliate Marketing Liaison, Helper, and Point Of Contact In WA
✓ Diamond Traffic – Advanced Training
✓ Research To Profits Step By Step 14 Day Live Case Study

The Bonuses Are Only For Action Takers!

Other People’s Success Speaks Volumes About The Training!

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Tremendous Program Read Reviews On Trust Pilot.
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate It Happened. I Made My First Sale
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate I Quit My Job. I am Doing Affiliate marketing Full Time
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate In 1 Year I am Earning 2233 Dollars A month

Ok, George and Judy, I’m Ready To Do This What’s The Next Step?

First you will sign up for a Free Starter Account. Or you can sign up for Paid Premium right away. Why not start as a starter member so you can get a feel for the platform first, then become a Premium Member. The choice is yours.

When you sign up, we will greet you and be your affiliate marketing liaison, helper, and point of contact as you build a successful business online.

We will greet you with a message and are ready to help you get started.

To create your account at Wealthy Affiliate click the GREEN BUTTON below. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address.

This will create your Free Starter Account. No credit card is required to become a starter member.

Once your account is created, you will be greeted by the co-owners, Kyle and Carson. You will find this community to be a very friendly and active with over 800,000 active members worldwide.

So here are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of your membership.

1) Set up your Wealthy Affiliate profile. It only takes a few minutes. If you have a photo handy you can upload that too.
2) Get a tour of the WA platform so navigation is easier.
3) Start the training. You will automatically be taken to Lesson One.
4) We will contact you by messaging on your profile. When you receive our message, it would be great if you would reach out to us by replaying to our message.
5) Then, let the journey begin.

That’s it.

You are in good hands. Not only is the WA platform the most respected and trusted community, but they are very helpful, You will be given access to the training, tools and support you need to build a successful online business. This is a pay-it-forward community so experienced members eagerly reach out and help.

Are you ready to start your own successful business online?

Join Wealthy Affiliate now! We’ll see you on the inside.

JGH Webbrand here from Learn Wealthy Affiliate.

George and Judy

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