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Are you wondering if it is possible to make money online? Some affiliate marketers hit a home run fast.

Jerry Huang WA Training Gave Me SuccessJerry Huang is one of those individuals who stopped college and decided to take the less traditional approach to education. He discovered a free way to learn how to make money online. What he found is also available to you, but let’s learn more about Jerry’s interesting journey.

He was broke and living in Taiwan. His academic accomplishments in high school gave him a promised entrance into a local college, but he gave that up because it did not impress him as being challenging enough. So he found his own educational training online. In fact the training he found was free.
Upon completion of the free training, he began to apply what he learned. What a guy. Of course not everyone reaches the same heights as Jerry, but everyone is given an opportunity to take the same training free.

Jerry Huang Wealthy Affiliate Member Likes MusicAnyway, Jerry applied what his free training taught him and in 21 months he earned a 4 figure income. Now he is earning a 5 figure income yearly. What an inspiration! What he likes most is that the income he earns is passive income. Passive income means that he does not handle any products (inventory, packing, or shipping), billing or customer service. He owns multiple websites, writes content about products, gets product links from affiliate programs and watches people come to his website and buy. When they click on his product links and buy, he makes a commission.
Jerry attributes his success to the free training he received from WA. He personally gives kudos to the program.

Here’s what he says:
WA’s training is so detailed and step-by-step that it helped me build up a really strong foundation in online marketing within the first two months. I quickly upgraded to Premium in the first week by the way. (I upgraded to yearly soon after because I knew I’ll be a WA member for life!)

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s wonderful training and support, I now consider myself experienced in Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and WordPress website building. (I’m now helping clients to build or transform their websites!)

Currently, I’m also making a consistent 4-Figure monthly passive income from my websites as well (I’ve hit 5 figures for certain months) and living the laptop lifestyle where I don’t have to report to anybody, wake up early for any jobs… I can work anywhere as long as I have my laptop and internet connection!
For those of you who are still reading my profile at this point, I appreciate that and I highly recommend you to give WA a try if you haven’t signed up yet. If you’re a Starter Member, the only thing I can tell you is that upgrading to WA Premium was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far (although I’m just 21 lol). I hope to read your success story very soon.

What a powerful success story. It reminds us that we are capable of much more than we think we are.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Owners JGHWEBBRANDWe have been affiliate marketers for over 5 years and see testimonies all of the time about those taking this free training. They keep echoing the same phrases: I had no idea I could do something like this.

That is why we get excited to share this opportunity with you because
The training is Free and thus eliminates financial risk.
Shopping online keeps growing and will continue to grow. The opportunities are endless.
Working online anywhere in the world where internet connection is available offers so much freedom.
No prior experience or special skills are required. The course is written in easy to understand English. The content is presented in various formats: written text, videos, examples and illustrations. Honestly anyone can do it. So far we have seen age ranges from 8 years old to 80 years old.
The training does take effort, but the limiting factor is one’s own mind. Those who want to do it will, even if it is challenging. Over 1.4 million have already taken the course and are available to answer questions as you take the course so there are really no excuses for anyone for not taking it.
Adding another skill to ones resume is always a good thing. Learning new things keeps the mind fresh and the body young. Usage of the internet is a way of life, so being on the income side of it is a terrific opportunity.

We wish everyone would sign up for this free course because it is the best kept secret on the internet these days. It makes us sad when people let their minds convince them to keep a low view of their capabilities.

By now you can probably understand our feelings and wishes for you.
We know there is so much scamming that goes on these days, so want you to know this free program is real. There are no hidden fees, phone calls or bills you will receive by signing up.

This training program is offered free because we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate. When you sign up, you sign up as a Free Starter Member. You have complete control of your account and actions. You are free to be a Free member as long as you want that is if you continue to keep active. I am sure you can understand the reasoning behind this. Thousands sign up for the program. The membership database is large. To keep it current those you who take no activity within a 6 month period are removed.

Sign up requires you to use a working email address, your real name and a user name. Your email address and real name are kept private unless you choose to use it for your user name. To keep over one million names straight it is necessary to use your real name associated with a working email address.

Your destiny is in your hands. What you choose to do is up to you. Those who get ahead in life are those who invest in themselves, expend some energy and take advantage of opportunities when they are available.

We would love to have you join us. We want to help you make this opportunity a success. We along with the thousands of experts in our community are here to help you along the way. Just ask us your questions.