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In-Depth Tutorial On The Basics To Earn Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

This Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics Training Guide covers the fundamentals of how Affiliate Marketing works and the steps to take to make money online from home.

What Is An Affiliate Marketer?

An Affiliate Marketer is someone who starts a website and other social media to market someone else’s products or services and earns revenue when sales are made on those products or services. The steps to make this happen are known as the process of Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of setting up a website and adding product reviews, images and videos to help shoppers who read the reviews and buy thus causing the Affiliate Marketer to earn revenue because the product reviews link to an online store which contains an affiliate marketers identification code.

Starter Affiliate Marketer Training Affiliate Marketer Steps

Affiliate Marketers rely heavily on search engines to find their content and rank it. The better ranked the content is, the closer to position one it will rank in the search engine results. The goal is to rank in first place. The higher the website page with the product review ranks, the more potential for traffic (visitors). The more traffic the more potential for sales and the more sales the more revenue earned.

The Affiliate Marketing formula for search engine traffic is as follows.
High SEO Rank = More Traffic = More Sales = More Revenue

Who Are The Major Players In Affiliate Marketing?

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics Free 4 Key Players In The Affiliate Marketing Process
There are 4 major players: the owner and creator of the product and services also known as the merchant, the affiliate marketer, the shopper consumer, and the manager of an affiliate program.

The Product Owner Merchant is the manufacturer or creator of the products and services being marketed. Affiliate marketing is known by the basic fact that the merchant gives others an opportunity to market the products. Because the affiliate marketer does not handle the product, bill or deal with customer service, the income earned is known as passive income. The merchant determines the commission rate for the marketer as well as who runs their affiliate program. Usage of both in-house and third party affiliate managed programs are common.

The Affiliate Marketer creates an online platform upon which to review and market products. The most effective platform is a website. It gives the marketer a way to establish an identify using lengthy text, images and videos. Platforms such as Facebook, PInterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and others are limiting with periodic rule changes. In order for an affiliate marketer to place affiliate links on his or her site it is necessary to sign up and be approved as an affiliate. Joining most programs is free. Upon approval the marketer receives a unique identification code. The code is included in a product link so the marketer gets credit when a purchase is made.

The Shopper Consumer uses affiliate marketer websites to learn more about products. Reviews, ratings, comparisons and pros cons are especially helpful. The consumer knows there are on an affiliate marketers website because the affiliate marketer is required to post an Affiliate Disclaimer indicating a commission is received from product links when purchases are made.

The Manager of the Affiliate Program is responsible to communicate commission rates, monitor sales made by who, and pay the affiliate marketer commissions due. There are two types of affiliate program managers those managed by the merchant and those managed by a third party. Both types are very common. Those managed by a third party are known as Affiliate Networks because they manage multiple merchants programs.

The relationship between these four parties many sound complicated initially; however, once you get involved in the process it makes sense.

If you have purchased anything from a website that said, “Check Price On Amazon”, you have been a consumer of an affiliate marketing website. Just think, in a short time you can own a website with affiliate links and earn income online.

Who Can Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate Marketing is for anyone who wants to earn income online and is willing to learn how to do it and spend the time needed. Age is not a restriction for learning it (we have had an eight year old do very well.); however, most affiliate programs required the owner of an account to be at least 18 years old.

What Is The Key To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Starter Affiliate Marketer Training Key To Affiliate Marketer SuccessThe real key to learn Affiliate Marketing is learning the basics as presented above AND getting some Hands On Experience. Finding the right program with task oriented training, tools, resources and coaching support is no easy task. Many training programs are very shallow. For the beginner all programs may look great; however, once the process is understood, their lack of solid content will be discovered. Believe it or not these programs ask you to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, even when spending more money, most of them still do not deliver what they lead the inexperienced marketer to believe.

This is a real dilemma! Yes, the question remains, how can an aspiring affiliate marketer learn more than the basics presented above?

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program?

Of all of the Affiliate Marketing training programs available, I believe the one I use is the best way to learn more detail and get Hands On Experience. When I started, I had no prior knowledge of what to do. This program not only presented concepts but I got Hands On Experience. This program taught me everything I needed to be successful and I still use it every single day.

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