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I am  here to help you learn how to earn online from home. The training, tools and resources needed are provided free to make it easier while you learn.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced. I am  dedicated to help you earn income online with The Best Affiliate Training that brings proven results. You can earn while you learn and build your own online affiliate business.

This opportunity is free to those who want to learn, earn and have a desire to become a wealthy affiliate. It takes effort but the reward is great.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Build and Own A Thriving Online Business!

NO EXPERIENCE? Not a problem. Bring your ideas and we will coach and train you to build a profitable online business hosted on world class servers.

EXPERIENCED ALREADY? Let our tools and resources support your online business on servers that guarantee 99.99% up time because of site mirror redundancy, hack protection, lightning speed and 24 x 7 support. We even offer domain name registry and transferring.

Get Started Today! Your First Steps To Making Money Online Revealed!

Reserved Just For You! This Is The Real Deal!

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Our Free Million Dollar Advice At No Charge To You

There is still room for you.

Last year over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and those e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

Everyday millions of people are looking online for information about products and where to buy them.

Our training teaches you how to help these people and at the same time make money yourself.

So what’s the deal? Why aren’t more people helping others online and earning money at the same time?

Here’s the real reason. It takes time and effort. Too many people want a hand out with no effort or they talk negative about themselves and are convinced they will fail so starting is a waste of time or they were snagged by a scam and think all programs are like that.

That’s a sad reality.

But we believe you are different. We believe you like challenges and will work till you succeed. So we want to give you a chance to make this work for you.

So how do we make money online? And how can you make money online?

Here is our Three Fold Formula for success. 1) Identify a common problem plaguing people. 2) Build a niche website that tackles that problem and 3) provide products or services that address the issue.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Our Three Fold Formula for Success

So where do you start with our formula?

Here are a few examples of how to use our Three Fold Formula!

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Applying Our Three Fold Formula for Success

The Three Fold Formula is the BEST most ethical approach.

While we’ve only provided two examples here, you are probably getting an idea of how this works. This is the BEST and most successful formula we’ve ever tried. With this formula, you’re ethically making money. You don’t have to coerce or trick people into buying something. You are aware of a real problem and are providing people with a legitimate solution.

Don’t deviate from this formula. Here’s why.

Many people believe the Niche Three Fold Formula works until they start doing the work. It takes time, research and effort.

So as human nature goes

What Is A Make Money Online Scam Get Rich Quick Is A ScamSome people begin looking for an easier shortcut way. They get caught up in some of these “guru” get rich quick schemes. BUT after spending a lot of hard earned money, they figure out the “gurus” are nothing more than clever mind manipulators. A “guru’s” way of doing business is hooking people into believing something, but have no formula to actually build a website and help people honestly find what they are looking for.

If you are one of these who got suckered by a “guru” we understand. BUT maybe now you understand why the Niche Three Fold Formula is the best honest way to do business online.

The Niche Three Fold Formula works; it’s honest and it leaves your brand with a good reputation.

With the explosion of social media these days you can be sure your business reputation will follow you. So to create an honest business reputation, we trust you are ready and serious about sticking to the Niche Three Fold Formula.

So are you ready to try the Niche Three Fold Formula?

We are here to help you. Here’s what we can do for you if you are truly serious. We can guarantee you a free website and free training so you can create your first free website, choose a niche, apply the Niche Three Fold Formula, be ready to add content that helps people solve their problems, and ultimately end up with a profit making website.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate See The Free Training Program To Get Traffic

We will give you a link so you can begin immediately.

The link will take you to Wealthy Affiliate where you can create your free account. Wealthy Affiliate is where we have our websites and do all of our content work. We have been doing this with Wealthy Affiliate for over ten years. We KNOW we can recommend them as trustworthy and KNOW you will not be asked for a credit card.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Avoid A Scam. Check The Ratings

So what can you expect when you start?

Take action in choosing a profitable online business nice. Do not go in circles as this saying illustrates.Be ready to dream your goals. Dream big! Expect to find a warm, friendly, active community of likeminded people ready to greet and help you. We are always available as your free go-to mentor. Be willing to follow the free training lessons which will get you started with your free website and teach you what to do next, including the niche thing.

Believe it or not, that’s how we started too. That was so many years ago! Are we ever thankful we found this help. We enjoy our freedom working from home when and where we choose. And frankly, anyone who also dedicates themselves to working with this program can get the same results.

Take action in choosing a profitable online business nice. Do not go in circles as this saying illustrates.

Realities We Discovered When Starting

Training and setup time is required because there are some things we needed to know and do to become successful. Success does not happen immediately. We didn’t earn anything the first three months. But then things began to happen and we were consistently earning monthly. We needed two incomes. My wife worked an additional three years before we earned enough so she too could work at our online business full time.

Throughout the course of creating a online business, frustration, uncertainty, doubt and confusion may set in. My wife and I experienced these things ourselves. So we understand. Therefore we offer free coaching and mentoring to help you when these occasions arise.

Our Recommendation

1) Understand and be convinced that the best way to earn online is to genuinely help people.

2) Be diligently watchful for get rich quick programs. They are fake and only take your money and time and sooner or later cause you to feel like a sucker.

3) Try the program we have used for over 10 years. Follow it diligently and success will be yours just like it has for others who were determined to be successful.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate WA Our No ! Recommended Training Program.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Earn Online From Home Free Training Website Mentor

LEWA Create Your Wealthy Affiliate Account. We will meet you on the inside.

Here’s What The Registration Sign Up Page Looks Like.

LEWA Join JGH 4 Step Program Training Registration Preview

Here’s The Risk Free Registration Link. Take Advantage Now While The Opportunity Is Still Available.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Get Started Register Now

Who We Are

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com Owners About PageWe started our online entrepreneurial journey with little internet experience and no online shopping knowledge. So we look back now and say, “If we can do it, you certainly can!”

Over ten years ago, I lost my corporate job unexpectedly and couldn’t find another one in my specialized field. I needed money to pay the bills so my wife wouldn’t have to work outside the home.

My wife and I agreed it would be really nice to work from home. So we created our search criteria: we wanted something we could do online with a trust worthy company that required low monetary investment.

Fortunately we found a company advertising a program that offered FREE training, tools and support for 7 days to anyone who wanted to start an online business. We took a leap of faith and spent some all-nighters cramming. Our effort paid off. In less than seven days, here’s what we discovered.

✓ The company was honest, cared about helping people, was progressive and had their own admirable goal of wanting to be the best in the industry.
✓ We would learn how to build our own online business because the training was easy to understand and act upon.
✓ Continued access to the full program required a low monthly investment of $20.

What We Did Next

This is our story, because the rest is history. We spent the first 12 months working very hard learning and doing. Both of us owned a website which we developed into a profit making business.

What We Do Now

We are full time affiliate marketers.

As affiliate marketers we promote products and services owned by others and receive a commission every time someone purchases from one of our links. No products, billing or customer service tasks! We use websites and social media to promote products. We have complete freedom to choose the products we market, the affiliate programs we join (joining is free), the hours we work and where we work.

Our lives are completely changed! Our new found freedom gives us an opportunity to perfect what we do well and dream bigger dreams!

Why We Want To Help You

We believe everyone should have an opportunity to learn how to earn money online and experience real freedom! Everyone has hidden skills waiting to be developed. This training will expand your knowledge and develop new skills while giving you income.

What we are offering is Free. So there is no risk in seeing this work for you too.

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Learn How We Work From Home.
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Learn More About This Free Training

Our Learning Experience

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com Learn By Networking With OthersThe training wasn’t hard, but it took a lot of dedication and willingness to learn. At times we were overwhelmed!

The best resource we found to help us through the learning process was a terrific supportive community to encourage us and answer our questions along the way! They were terrific!  If you have never worked with a learning community online before, you will be pleasantly delighted with this community because there are over 1.4 million members from around the world from over 193 countries. They are truly caring and helpful, because they understand what it is like to be a beginner. They were beginners themselves when they started.

You Can Learn Faster Than We Did!

Affiliate marketing code embedded in Link for Check Price On AmazonBack when we started, buying products online was not so common place; so we did not understand the process. We had to read about it.

If you have ever bought a wireless WiFi Router online you have seen what happens. First you search for something you want; then you click on the search results and look until you find a website page that offers what you are looking for. When you find the website that is most helpful, you read about the product (its Pros and Cons); you become convinced as to which brand and product is best and see the “Check The Price On Amazon” and buy the product. When you click on the link to check the price there is embedded affiliate code associated with the link. The embedded code tells Amazon which affiliate marketer gets credit for the sale. Then Amazon pays the Affiliate a commission at the end of the month. So if you were the owner of that website with the embedded code you would get paid for the purchase.

So the owner of this website had a passion for using the best wireless WiFi router in the home so multiple devices could communicate with each other.   The owner probably owned some wireless laptops, several smart TVs, an iPhone, printer and ever some smart small kitchen appliances.  The website owner probably knew about several routers and which one was preferred. But if the website owner knew nothing about WiFi wireless routers, research would have been performed to determine which were the best ones and why.  Part of the content presented shows the Pros, Cons, and Key Features with very pleasing color combinations.  Using green on the page was possible with the WordPress Theme chosen. The way of changing the color is taught in the WA training. Also if additional help is needed I am available to help as well as the entire WA community.  This is the value of being part of a large community. Someone is always available to help.  The author of the content on this page put other information in the page as well as his/her affiliate code in the ” check the price link”. When the content was deemed complete, the author/site owner “published the page” which makes it appear on the internet for anyone to see.  The Search Engines crawled and indexed the new page content.  When the shopper looked for wireless WiFi Routers, this page was presented in the search results.  The viewer of the search results presented decided to look at this particular page and was convinced to buy one of the routers. When the purchase happened the site owner makes a profit.

The process is as simple as that. It is easy to understand. Once you grasp the steps, it is possible to repeat them over and over again to add more content to your website and other social media.

One Stop Shop

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com Wealthy Affiliate Is A One Stop PlatformThe free training we are offering you is part of a larger platform of resources to help you advance in your skills and grow your business.

Signing up as a FREE member gives you 7 day access to all resources, even the paid ones, so you can look around and get a feel of what advanced training, tools and resources are available. If you have looked at other programs, you will notice this one is different because it offers all the resources needed on one platform. This saves you time trying to find other tools and resources and gives guaranteed tool and resource integration. After 7 days your access will be limited to the free resources and tools unless you decide to extend your view for a month by spending $19 or you take a leap of faith and become a paid Premium member.

If you already have experience with affiliate marketing, the free course will be a review. As you go through it, compare it to what you already know. You will probably learn more than one new thing which will be invaluable to your future success.

A Quick Look At Some Of The WA Affiliate Platform Resources To Make You Successful

Free Training

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Free Training For Starter MembersLearn from free professional task oriented training which aids understanding and learning easier. Beginners find the training tasks well-defined and easy to perform. They learn enough to complete a profit ready website.

Paid Training

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Paid Training For Premium MembersThe paid training is much more advanced. It provides additional help to build traffic by learning how to maximize SEO and how to use multiple digital resources such as email marketing, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Live Events

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Live WebinarsWatch the webinars, a growing popularity among affiliate marketers. Seeing something done live expands one’s ability to comprehend and the opportunity to ask questions on the spot.

Idea Research With Keyword Tools

Fastest Way Learn Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research With Jaaxy HelpJaaxy is as a world class keyword research tool. Enter your ideas watch suggestion keywords appear with search volume, traffic volume if website is listed on search first page, number of competitive websites. Keyword Potential Or Difficulty, and the SEO opportunity.

Website Building, Hosting And Support

Fastest Way Learn Affiliate Marketing Software Builds And Hosts Your WebsiteBuild your website using a WordPress Theme and editor using the Site Rubix platform. Behind the scenes build is so fast. You design your website according to your taste; add blog content; let Wealthy Affiliate backup and provide technical support 24x7x365.

Live Chat

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Live ChatGet help and answers or encouragement fast. Life chat is up 24x7x365. Wealthy Affiliate membership is worldwide so someone is always on chat ready to help.

Help Center

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate The WA Help CenterGet website technical support, ask a question, communicate with another member in private and get involved in live help and discussion. Kyle and Carson, the co-owners are Premium Coaches very helpful and great to know.

Online Affiliate Program Search

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Online Affiliate Program Search DataSave time looking for the best Affiliate Program for your niche by searching with this data base tool. Search by category, commission payment rate, country where offered, and much more. Even get suggestions for Hot Niches.

Great Community

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate The WA CommunityThe WA Community is over 1.4 Million. Yes, you read right. That is how many have joined and are active. This truly is a wonderful community to be a part of as one journeys through the exciting opportunity of affiliate marketing.

Should You Take Action?

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com Do Not Left Fear If Failure Stop You From StartingFear of failure and lack of trust in your abilities can hold you back. We had doubts at times too when we started, but we had a real need and were determined to learn and do this. Actually now that we have gone through the training, we believe there is no reason to let fear stop anyone from learning because so many hundreds of others with no experience have done this with success. The online community we are a part of helps anyone and everyone to learn. There is no stupid question except the one that is never asked. We read so many testimonies like the following.

HildeRegine’s Testimony
HildeRegine WA Training WorksToday’s little success. I checked my Site rankings today and I was happy to see that I have now 22 articles out of 71 ranking on page 1 in Google. And some on Bing and Yahoo as well. Wealthy Affiliate training works when you follow the training advice. I am so excited to see these results.To all newbies out there – do not doubt the power of WA Training.
ArpL’s Testimony
ArpL This WA Training Works I was skepticalI’ll be Premium for one month tomorrow and I can honestly say that just 4 weeks has made a crazy amount of difference. I’m sold on WA – and that includes being sold on all y’all!  I tell you this: the training is GOOD and if you follow it and ACT CONSISTENTLY you will SUCCEED. Just keep in mind that it will take TIME. WA is the best place for someone to get started, to learn, make mistakes and improve. It’s important to be consistent and take little steps every single day.
Kws123’s Testimony
Kws123 I am ranking Thanks to the WA TrainingI had begun to get a little discouraged but never gave up and kept following the Wealthy Affiliate training.  I was told to keep adding content and the rest will fall into place and I believed it though still there was a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. One month ago I knew nothing.This is an amazing accomplishment for me. And I owe it all to the training and guidance of Wealthy Affiliate, and many of the members who all helped keep  me on track.

Fear Of Being Scammed

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com Use Caution Watch out For Online ScamsWe were cautious when we signed up because we had no prior knowledge of the free training and the company providing it. What we read sounded good, but we had no experience with the company. We began to relax when we were not asked to use our credit card. This is still the policy today. You  receive 5 courses and 50 lessons free. Along the way you will be given an opportunity to extend the length of time you have access to all of the Premium tools and resources which costs $19, but if you do nothing you will remain a Free Starter member with access to the Free training and your Free website.  The free training is all you need to learn the basics of the process. If you choose to become a Premium member, you are in complete control of your decision. There is no scamming!

When you sign up you will be asked for your real name, an email address, and to select a user name. The community will know you by your user name NOT your real name unless you choose to use your real name. Your address will not be required nor will credit card information. It is necessary to provide your real name and email when signing up for free because if you choose to be a Premium member someday, the system will use the information you initially provide. After all the system has to keep track of over 1.4 Million members from 193 countries. So similar names can surface, but not similar email addresses and user names.

Online scams are real. Here’s what some of people tell us about their scamming experience.

Scottier’s Testimony

Scottiers WA is real. This Is Not A Scam

Like some people including myself, we get dragged in by the sites saying “Make money fast” Well i i got scammed. Well I was discouraged for a while cause I didn’t think there was anything about Work from Home that would be legal. As I was reading some reviews I can across one review that said WA is the real deal, go check it out. So I said ok I’ll give this another shot. So I looked into this WA site. I see the 4 simple steps on how WA works. Ok now I’m interested. I join up as a free member just to see what it’s all about. I tell you what, 4 days later I became premium. Now I’m building my site and being confident. I suggest that you check it out because it is legit. WA is well worth the investment and you have a whole community of friends that are right behind you.
RickBeli57’s Testimony

RickBell57 Ive lost 5000 through Online Scams

Just recently I’ve lost $5,000 and that is in the last 90 days. I joined a program called elite success team through another sponsor which trains you to build eCommerce store sites selling products that are drop shipped. I gave them $3, 300. They told me I could start an eCommerce site and within 2 months be making $3,000 a month.  I also joined a second firm called Kreative, where they set up a website, (custom of course) and teach you how to load it with products and help you market it. For this I paid $1,500. Because that’s all I had. They wanted $6,000 for the course. I didn’t hear from these guys anymore. Yah! Sad To Say I was scammed twice!
Stmainiac’s Testimony

Stmainiac Ya Online Scamming is real. Watch your credit card

My father in-law was scammed out of a lot of money. For 3 years he had to pay $47 a month for hosting, $60 for the training and so on. The people helped him to the point where he needed support and traffic training. But WE could not even find the people involved. It really made me mad. I am glad to say WA is not like that. They are honest and up front.

With This Program You Are In Charge

It is totally free to become a Starter member. This membership is free as long as you wish it to be. Initially you are given 7 days of free access to the premium paid tools so you can see what you are getting if you wish to become a paid member,. But you are not billed as a Premium member unless you choose to do so.  You do not pay anything to be a free member. Your access is not stopped as long as you are active. No activity for 6 months is known as inactivity at which time your free membership expires. So a word to the wise; keep active.

No one dictates to you what you must do! You are in charge of your learning, your website and its content. Of course no adult content is allowed; but no one tells who what your website should be about. The decision is yours so you can follow your passion. This is done by design so you will continue being motivated while you continue  learning and doing. You choose your products and the affiliate programs of your liking. This is your business and you are in charge. Of course you can ask for help, feedback and ideas, but the ultimate decision is yours.

No ads are placed on your free site unless you choose to do so. During our years on the internet we have seen companies offer free sites, but then place ads on them and claim the profits. This not the case with this program. Whenever sales are made from your links, you make the commission. That’s why we like this program so much. We work hard and we get rewarded.

What Do You Think?

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com Are You Ready To Start An Online Business Today And Build For Your FutureDream Big! Start for Free. No need to spend money on a program you know nothing about. No credit card is needed. Take a few minutes. Sign-up! Begin to learn from an online marketing program already proven by thousands of affiliate marketers who’ve learned and are now earning.

Is There A Perfect Time To Start?

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate .com There Is No Better Time Than The Present To Start Your Online Business Many people wait a lifetime for a life changing earning opportunity. Thanks to the internet, the opportunity exists now for anyone who has a device with access to the worldwide web.

Anyone can create their own business online by learning how to do it through online training, tools and support. Starting today gives you an opportunity for a better financial well-being tomorrow.

The internet will always be with us and so will the need for buying products online. Creating your own website will bring visitors your way eager to buy the products you market as an affiliate marketer. Remember signing up to be an affiliate marketer with online retailers such as Amazon is free.

Sign up today to learn how to build your own FREE website and become an affiliate marketer. Be a diligent learner and in one to three days you could be the proud owner of your own business website.

How To Get Started

Get Started FREE. Try the training, tools and support as a FREE Starter Member. Be a Starter Member as long as you choose. You decide IF OR WHEN you want to become a paid Premium Member. No pressure. No Credit Card. We want you to experience in person what we described above.

Enter your email address and name so the system can identify you from over 1.4 Million members.

We hope you join us in this exciting opportunity. We think you will. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get Started Now. And Then Let Us Know About Your Marketing Journey. Remember We Are Here To Help You Get Started And Become Successful!

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Learn How We Work From Home.
Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Learn More About This Free Training

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