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Meet The Owners Of The LEWA Website

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Owners JGHWEBBRANDHi!
Glad You Stopped By! We like to meet new people!
We are happy enjoying life! Believe it or not, you will find a smile on our face most of the time.

We have learned how to navigate through life discovering and adjusting as we go. One of our trademarks is the fact that we like to do things rather than hire someone. So we have been the infamous web searchers, learning how to keep the flower gardens beautiful, how to create a finished basement from studs, how to prevent basement flooding from failed sump pumps, how to be creative cooks, how to find the music oldies which we both thoroughly enjoy, and how to find the scenic locations for hiking. Oh, yes, those are just some of the things we like to do.

We had life and our budget very well planned. Things we going according to plan, until one day!!

A Life Change For Us!

My wife and I learned about earning money online because we had to. I was working in Corporate America in finance. I thoroughly liked my job. But like so many other people who face hardships in their jobs, I was laid off because of company downsizing.

A Forced Adjustment

I was forced to adapt – and quickly – because we depended upon my income.

Thanks to my wife who came up with the idea of working from home and starting an online business. Rather than dwell on what we could not change, we started looking for an honest opportunity that would give us training and help to begin without any money. After all the job loss was not in our budget plan.

Surprises Do Come

Much to our surprise we found all kinds of opportunities on the internet. Rather than work for someone else with the potential of losing that job too, we looked for an online company that would teach us how to own our own business so we could take control of what we did and how much we earned.

Who Do We Trust?

The challenge we faced when looking for a company to help us learn the skills of growing and owning a business was “Who do we trust”. Some of the online websites advertised “Join our group and you will be making a six figure income”. We needed income, but when we saw the “Cost to start”, we ran! Our budget could not handle a payment of $5,000. So we kept looking!

Free Training? Really?

To our amazement, we found an online company tailored for people like us. “No money required! Start free! Learn and take a look. Then decide!”

We only needed seven days! It was a “no brainer” for us because we found an honest company not after our money but truly wanting to help us start our own business. We could have remained a free member, but decided to invest $300 to have access to all of the “Bells and Whistles”. The rest is history.


A Little Story About A Big Dream

Learn Earn Wealthy Affiliate Owners Never Stop DreamingUnknown to me, my wife always wanted to own her own business. Her dream needed a reason to blossom. The perfect opportunity existed. She believed in herself, wanted to learn, and be rewarded on her own merits not the whims of the economy or factors outside of her control. She inspired me. So together we began our journey.

Oh My! A Lot To Learn!

Initially we had a lot to learn. Fortunately help and encouragement was available when we were confused! Things started out slow, but we were determined not to give up. We became acquainted with those who were successful! They reassured us that it takes time, but that success would come if we diligently followed the training process. They were right! The training and resources work! The rest is history!

A New Career

We are online marketers working from home or wherever we have WiFi Access. No more corporate jobs! Freedom to work whenever we choose is such a wonderful journey!


Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our mission, vision and core values are the essence of who we are. We are proud to help others who are eager to learn how to earn money online. We are excited to share with you that we believe only in honest business dealings.


Our mission is our compass. It establishes why we exist. It keeps us focused!

Our Mission: To help those who want to reach their dream by providing everything needed to create and grow a successful home affiliate business online


Our vision is the direction we are headed. We work in pursuit of achieving our mission.

LEWA is a trusted learning and resource hub that serves a worldwide community of online entrepreneurs providing everything needed to create and grow a successful business online. Beyond our own creations we present resources we have used that have enabled us to reach our dreams. We also present other helpful information we learn along the way.

Core Values

Our core values define who we are and how we work.

Work With Purpose

We believe in being resourceful, being mindful that time is a valuable resource and that helping others is fulfilling.

Share To Help Others

We believe in sharing what we and other experts in the industry know and have experienced so others may learn from it.

Embrace The Process

Learning is a process. Growth comes from understanding and doing. Both success and failure surround the learning process, enforce the need to follow the process and bring joy in learning, doing, working hard and seeing success.

Meet The Experts Who Have Nurtured Our Success

Wealthy Affiliate Kyle An Affiliate Marketing Expert

Wealthy Affiliate Carson An Affiliate Marketing Expert
Wealthy Affiliate Jay An Affiliate Marketer Training Expert

Without the expertise of these individuals, their training and resource platform, SWR would not be where it is today.

About Us? It’s Really About You!

You are our reason for being. LEWA shares and helps so you can learn and achieve your goals. Regardless of your skill level we are here to help. We started at ground zero way back and know what it’s like. We appreciate you and are here for the long haul to help you discover success and learn new useful life information that will  help you save and enjoy life more.

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