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The Monster Mode 700K Review Verdict

Pros: Easy to install and use. It is a push button application that’s designed to make you money without any effort. You spend $18.95 for front end viewing plus money for 1 to 5 of the tiers offered and $99.97 for backend access to stats and results. It has a 14 day refund policy.

Cons: All online earning apps come with challenges. The concept of Monster Mode 700K sounds great, but the earning potential is very low. The owner, Bryan Winters, makes a profit every time someone buys into this concept, he has already seen 700K with the combination of the 5 programs that make up the income stream of this app. Keep reading to learn why your earning potential is low.

Getting Started With Monster Mode 700K Is Easy

It takes only four steps and ninety seconds.

1) Buy the App Package.
2) Click to login. Watch your 5 Tier Viral Money Making System Apps get activated.
3) Copy and paste your auto approved 100% commission money links so you get the credit when someone clicks on your app space and buys.
4) Collect up to $954 per sale which is automatically credited to your account.

It is just that easy and works just as stated.

The Monster Mode Program Uses Buzz Word Marketing

Certain words resonate with hearers searching for ways to make money online and incite action. These action inciting buzz words are as follows. Note each buzz phrase is highlighted and followed by my reaction.

1) Try something new. Of course who wouldn’t?
2) This is ridiculously simple. This means you can do it for sure.
3) No experience required. This gives confidence even to the hesitant.
4) Plump commissions are plopped into your account. Who wouldn’t accept commissions between $97 to over $900 at a pop?
5) Then this is for you. This is a confidence booster. This guy believes in me and knows what is best for me.
6) Are you barely making it in the online money making space? This is being used to entice. But I noticed that people joining the Monster Mode 700K program aren’t making money online.
7) This App I am about to officially unveil vaporizes the problem instantly. This makes me feel the product is something very special and a perfect solution to get rid of all of my problems encountered to date with other online making money opportunities.
8) Check out what this App is doing for me every day like clockwork. Consistency is something everyone seeks. And of course the software owner gets commissions daily like clockwork because his funnel results are not the same as what yours will be.
9) Commissions come in at record speed and if you’d like to see why stick around. Of course the results would be advertised like this to encourage you to stick around and believe what you see.
10) These five products are integrated into your app just like they are your own. Everyone wants to feel like a product owner but with none of the headaches.
11) Easily get over 1000 visitors a day. Well that’s what Bryan was getting when the program launched, but that is not realistically what your web app funnel will get.
12) Exponentially more powerful because each of the 5 tiers is set up under their own funnel rather than direct response offers. Sounds good on the surface, but what this means is that the person who bought from the first funnel is directed to buy again or lose their continuing commission. This all works if each one who joins keeps buying the upsells. People have a tendency of believing the next thing will do the trick and be a big winner. Few people want to break the cycle and cut off their envisioned potential.
13) Leverage passive free traffic from hundreds of other people. Leverage means something of value received because of a prior action. Thus If one person decides not to continue his funnel that traffic is directed to those who do have funnels. And when the cycle is broken, guess who gets it all. Or course, the Monster Mode 700K software owner.

The above listed buzz words cause the hearer to believe in this product. But a look behind the scenes reveals some big challenges.

The Hidden Challenges Behind Monster Mode 700K

There are at least six known challenges.

Challenge Number One
✓ Promised free traffic sounds great, but how much traffic is there for Monster Mode?
✓ Demand is low. According to Google Trends, the demand was high in May 2020 when it launched, but a year later interest has dramatically waned to trickles so low they don’t get recorded in Google Trends.
✓ Low interest means low traffic volume in the “traffic pool”.

Monster Mode 700K Traffic Results From Google Trends

Challenge Number Two

According to the program rules, only 1 in 5 traffic poolers are sent to your traffic funnel. So the already low traffic volume is cut by five and becomes extremely low.

Challenge Number Three

Even though you will get some traffic, there is another challenge. The people in your traffic pillar receive the front end app free. It’s not until they buy one of the 5 pillar’s software apps that you get a profit.

Challenge Number Four

Of the 5 pillar software apps, only one has any measurable traffic volume.
Google trends indicates that only the Shop Monopoly app is receiving consistent traffic. IG Money Tree had some traffic in December of 2020, but since then interest has waned. No measurable traffic appears for CB Money Vine, 5 Figure Day Full Throttle and Siphon Reloaded.
Monster Mode 700K Five Tiers For Traffic Income Google Trends

Challenge Number Five

If your traffickers buy any of the apps besides Shop Monopoly they will get discouraged and quit. That ends your income stream.

Challenge Number Six

You aren’t the only one who is expecting traffic from a “traffic pool”.
If the traffic volume is already low, your chances of getting traffic that decides to buy one of the 5 pillar apps is even lower than already stated.

The Monster Mode 700K Process Gets Complicated

In order for every buyer of a pillar app to keep their web space active they must buy another app. This is known as an upsell. No one buying into the program realizes there are upsells required every month for the first three to five months to keep a membership active and potentially receive commissions.

If anyone refuses to pay an upsell, their web space is deactivated and they lose their original investment because the 14 day refund period has passed.

Once you’ve experienced an upsell, you will begin to dislike that term because you are mentally hoping the next app will bring better results than the prior one. You do not want to believe you have been misled. But the truth of the matter is upsells come with no guarantee they will deliver and there is no money back guarantee.

So are you beginning to have doubts about this program? We certainly do.

Who Is Actually The Monster Mode Winner?

The documentation states that the Monster Mode backend framework sends guests to the Monster Mode Traffic pool.

That’s great but it also states that only each fifth guest getting in your “traffic pool” is sent to your monster web space thus you only get 20% of the traffic or 1 guest out of the 5.

What happens to the other 80% of the traffic (the 4 out of 5)? Speculation seems to indicate that Bryan gets the 80%. So Bryan makes his commission first and then generously proclaims he pays you 100% of the profits if one of your guests buys one of the five pillar apps. How does that feel?

The Monster Mode 700K Business Profile

Monster Mode 700K 5 Apps now
Name: Monster Mode 700K with OTO 1,2,3,4,5
Website: www.monstermodesystem.com
Business Sector: Affiliate Marketing
The Product: Funnel-based app that packages 5 income streams into 1
Owner: Bryan Winters
Launch Date: May 23, 2020
Trust Pilot Rank: Not Listed
BBB Rating: This product is not listed separately but it belongs to same owner, Bryan Winters, of Warrior Plus products that has a BBB grade of F.
Price: Front-end package is priced at $18.95 (original price for front end was $17). There is also an additional cost for each of the 5 app upsells that must be activated in order to make money from them and $99.97 for 5 system plugins. Each app costs a minimum of $335.
Upsells: Activation fee for each of the 5 pillar apps and $99.97 for the system plugins. The App Upsells run as high as $935.
Guarantee: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Payout Structure: Not MLM
Tech Level: No experience required. Click, Copy And Paste links. The Monster Mode Pro is automatically set up and hosted.
Training: 5 Sessions One for each of the apps
Promotional Literature: Churns out daily 100% commissions of up to $954 daily by means of traffic automatically generated by “viral tiers” When outside visitors access your Monster Mode 700k web-funnels and buy at least one of the 5 implicit products which are done for you, you make a commission. The app provides an instant 24/7 autopilot activation, so the process of earning a commission is more effective and hassle-free.
Earnings Potential: There are 5 potential income streams. The first one CB Money VIne offers a $954 commission per sale. The 5 Figure Day Full Throttle offers a $954 commission per sale. Siphon Reloaded offers $554 commission per sale. IG Money Tree offers $360 commission per sale and Shop Monopoly offers a $360 commission per sale.

At first glance these commissions sound great because it is natural to dream of sales each and every day because the sales literature leads you to believe that is how it happens. They are selling you on the idea of making easy affiliate commissions in the shortest time possible.

Conclusion Monster Mode 700K Review

The program is legitimate, but for the uneducated wishing to make income online without effort, the application will bring disappointment. There is no such thing as making easy money without effort and no one gives you commissions before they make theirs.

Bryon Winters, owner of Monster Mode, did all of the work required behind the scenes to generate traffic for sales.

Once the startup fee for front end access, the 5 upsells for the 5 tiers of products used as an income stream and the system plugin for back end access are paid, the application is activated, access is granted and your system space is setup so you can begin receiving commissions under your unique tracking id.

Sounds simple and easy, right? It is simple, there are only two steps and then it collects commissions.

There are 5 potential income streams. The first one CB Money Vine offers a $954 commission per sale. The 5 Figure Day Full Throttle offers a $954 commission per sale. Siphon Reloaded offers $554 commission per sale. IG Money Tree offers $360 commission per sale and Shop Monopoly offers a $360 commission per sale.

At first glance these commissions sound great but Monster Mode is selling you on the idea of making easy affiliate commissions without effort.

Yes, the application does all of the work. But if traffic doesn’t come and no one buys the upsells you have to sit and wait hoping something will happen.

Because of this dilemma we would like to offer you a solution.

Our solution means that you will have to do some work, but that is good because we live in a high internet usage age and knowing how this works is a good idea.

We offer free training. The training is written for those who have no prior experience.

What do you think? Our seven day free course will show you how you can grow your own traffic and be a winner.

Since getting traffic is an issue, it is smart to learn how to own a website and generate your own traffic for your traffic pool. This is very doable if you are willing to do a little work and generate traffic which is 100% yours. You can also use the affiliate code Monster Mode provides and generate some sales.

We Have The Free Training And The Tools

Using a smart keyword tool which reveals topic phrases for Monster Mode 700K with high search traffic and low competition is the perfect way to capture traffic.

We would highly recommend you learn how to do your own website and generate traffic.

The training is free and so is one .siterubix.com website with 30 free searches for traffic generating topic phrases.

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One great thing about the training is that the skills learned can be applied to any program including affiliate programs where you own your website, choose a topic of interest, add affiliate links and earn revenue.

Learn this versatile skill for yourself today. Registration is free. No credit card is required. Get instant access to step-by-step video classes and expert support that will equip you with the practical and actionable strategies you need to achieve real financial freedom online.

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