How To Choose An Online Business Niche

Choosing the right niche for an online business is a great key to success. Get the 5 steps in choosing a profitable niche for your online business success now.

The five steps are:

1) Understand what a niche is
2) Create a market for your interest
3) List your interests
4) Use online tools to identify profitable niches
5) Make the final niche decision

Follow these five steps and you will be on your way to creating a profitable online business.

Understand What A Niche Is

Without a proper understanding of what a niche is and the ultimate goal of choosing a niche, time can be wasted and good opportunities missed.

So what is a niche?

Here’s what the Cambridge Dictionary says:

1) A niche is a position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or is something that somebody can make his or her own.

2) A niche is also an area of the market specializing in one type of product or service.

Here’s how this definition applies to an online business.

A niche is:
✓ Something you can make money with a market you create. It does not happen automatically. It is not looking to see what everyone else is doing and follow suite.
✓ Something you love and have a passion for. If you don’t have a passion for it, you won’t stick with it.
✓ A market you target with your blogs to help people and provide solutions. You have to understand the niche, how you can apply it to people in the market place, and how you can make it happen.

Here’s how a niche applies to online shoppers

People use the internet to solve problems. So the business goal is to provide blog information that solves problems. The more niche related problems your blogs solve the more traffic and profit will grow.

Let’s do an example of a shopper’s problem.

As a young woman I want to look nice while exercising in the gym because some eligible bachelor may notice me and ask me for a date. But my problem is that I feel sweaty and look awful in gym clothes. No single man will ever notice me.

So using this example, I have a niche that interests me; I think it will make money because a lot of women exercise; and I think it will help other women.

So in summary

A niche is something you love and have a passion for, something you understand, something that you see as a need which you believe you can solve and help people.

So what do we do next?

We can create a market based on a problem.

Create A Market For Your Niche

Creating a market means looking for a part of your niche that is popular, has good search volume, is profitable, and solves a problem.

Watch Your Mindset

But here are some problems you may encounter as you move forward. Your mind set may be a stumbling block. You may encounter some of the following issues.

✓ Feeling of Inadequacy because of lacking clear understanding of the niche.
✓ Worry and insecurity because of thinking there is a better niche than what you are choosing. Choosing a niche is important but not the most important ingredient to success. There is “no perfect niche” for the perfectionist.
✓ Fear of failure because of the unknown. By following the process your niche will not fail.
✓ Fear of not making any money. Money cannot be the driving force; instead it must be passion for the niche. Passion for a niche is sensed in blog content so is a money hungry blogger.

The most successful business niche is

A successful online business is the one which aims to help people. However, we will how you how passion and money intersect. Both passion and making money are necessary and play well together.

So in summary

A niche is a love or interest. When a segment of the niche helps people, it becomes marketable niche. By now you probably have some ideas but doubts may creep in and create havoc on your great niche ideas. So that is why we proceed with the next steps.

Keep reading to find out how passion and profit both play a role in choosing an online business niche.

Create A Niche List

Now is the time to make a list of things that interest and surround you. To make wise use of time, take a note pad with you or use your phone because thoughts come and go quickly as you look around and get many ideas.

Here are some ideas on my list.

1. Office furniture
2. Lighting and lamps
3. Wall and chair accessories
4. Bathroom accessories
5. Small kitchen appliances
6. Patio furnishings
7. Gardening

Building a list is interesting because we see and surround ourselves with things we like. As your list building continues, think outside the box like an entrepreneur.

Set a time limit to list building. Then choose the top ten which are your most passionate, interesting niches. Then take the top ten list and break them into a top five list.

So in summary

Your top five niche list is comprised of niches you like, are passionate about, and want to help people with. Too it is important to define your market for your top 5 niches. Who do you want your market to be for the five niches? We do this so when using tools we can identify profitability.

Use Online Tools To Identify Promising Niches

Online search tools are very valuable. They provide search volume and a glimpse into their popularity. The most profitable niches from your list are those with high search volume and high popularity.

Use Trending Tools

First let’s use to uncover the niche list popularity.

Keyword Popularity from Google Trends Gardening, Small Kitchen Appliances, Wall Accessories and Video Equipment

The popularity results for small kitchen appliances, wall accessories and video equipment are not too promising. Gardening has potential; however, I am no longer interested in it.

Keyword Popularity from Google Trends Office Furniture, Lighting and Lamps and Bathroom Accessories Results

Based on the results, lighting and lamps doe not look promising. Video equipment and office furniture have potential. But the results for bathroom accessories is most surprising.

Keyword Popularity from Google Trends. Patio Furniture and Bathroom Accessories Results Comparison

The comparison of bathroom accessories and patio furniture reveals that patio furniture is very popular. Before using google trends I would have thought that video equipment and small kitchen appliances would be popular. So I am really glad to discover the real truth about bathroom accessories and patio furniture popularity.

So that is the popularity of the niches on my list.

But how many people actually search online for my niche list?

Use Keyword Research Tools

We can discover this by using two keyword tools, and

Access to the keyword generator does not require registration; but access to requires registration. Here is the link to register for 30 free searches.

Try A Free Search! Then Sign Up For More Free Searches!

As I review my list of seven niches and Google trends results, I have decided to do further research on only two of my list niches: bathroom accessories and patio furniture.

Here’s the search volume from for bathroom accessories.

Keyword ideas From for Bathroom Accessories

Here’s the results for bathroom accessories from

Keyword Searches in For Bathroom Accessories

Lastly, here are the results for patio furniture from

Keyword Research In for Patio Furniture

Lastly, here are the results for patio furniture from

Keyword Searches in for Patio Furniture

Decision Factors Based On Research

Here’s how I make my decision based on research results.
✓ Based on popularity “patio furniture” is the best niche choice. Based on online searches “bathroom accessories seems to be the best niche choice.
✓ I have an interested in both niches. But my first online business niche will be patio furniture. I am looking for new patio furniture so I might as well make money doing research so I can buy the best.
✓ Even though patio furniture is a seasonal niche for cold climates, the the search is still higher than “bathroom accessories” for any month.
✓ Another factor influencing my decision is the fact that patio furniture is more costly and gives me more income potential.

Make The Final Niche Decision

Even though it is tempting to take the niche idea that is most popular and has the highest search volume, this is not the only factor to consider.

Here are the factors to consider when making the final niche decision

They are ranked in their order of important with the most important factor listed first.

✓ Interest and passion for the niche must be first and foremost. Hours of research and communicating helpful content through blogging will be required. Low interest equals faster burnout. You do not want to be a business that closes shop in two years. Your business should be a long term endeavor.
✓ Next popularity and search volume should be considered.
✓ Identify the overall price of items in the niche. The most costly one is obviously the most profitable.
✓ If a seasonal niche is involved, compare the overall search volume to the average yearly search volume.
✓ Consider new model potentials. New yearly design issuance is a profit advantage.

Final Thoughts

By considering the above factors in their order of importance, there is no need to fret and worry once your niche has been chosen. Its time to move on in confidence. It’s time to communicate content that will help your site visitors solve problems. Keep posting content to grow your traffic. Traffic volume equals profit.

Happy online niche choosing.
Remember you are an entrepreneur. You can do this!

Take action in choosing a profitable online business nice. Do not go in circles as this saying illustrates.

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